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Applying the Generative Engagement model

I had a meeting with a former colleague recently.  She has recently retired from a long and respected career as an educator and is looking for the next place to invest her considerable passion about helping kids, families, and school folks create powerful and productive relationships. I have known her for about five years or so and have known, somehow, that we would work together someday. 

 We talked today about our shared interest in diversity issues and how we know of school districts that are ready for their next steps toward systemic change in this area.  I shared some information about Generative Engagements, and we spent some time talking about its potential for changing how people think about schools' engagement as a part of the greater communities.  What would it mean if we focused--in every moment and every interaction--on creating the patterns of generative engagements in classrooms across the country.

This came on the heels of a conversation I had with Mary and her cousin, who works in higher education training teachers and school administrators.  He had the same reaction to our model--he sees potential for bringing about significant change in public education. What would it mean if we did, in fact, think about learning as a self-organizing process and designed our schools and relationships to support continuous adaptation?

I find these questions to be intriguing and challenging.  What do you think?