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How might this apply to diversity and inclusion?

Mary and I started developing our thinking about generative engagement as we talked about our own experiences with equity and diversity training and conversations about inclusion.  We wanted to explore what we could learn from HSD that could help us think beyond current theories and practices in this area.  We believe that there is more to learn about relationships that work across difference and allow individuals to participate fully. 

We offer this as a beginning conversation to open the next stage of diversity and inclusion training.  What we want to create in organizations and communities are patterns of interaction and behavior that honor people and celebrate their differences.  To move beyond current approaches, we believe it’s important to consider all three conditions Eoyang says will shape those patterns—containers, differences, and exchanges.

We also believe that this model goes beyond the diversity and inclusion conversation in that it speaks to individual and group responsibilities to build generative relationships, regardless of the differences present in the system.  It goes beyond “protected class” issues to speak to how we relate to each other as humans, across all the ways we are different from each other.

We continue to explore this model and its applications in organizations and communities. Feedback is welcome.