What are we about?


Welcome to Patterns and Possibilities, a blog where we talk about a journey into Human Systems Dynamics (HSD), an emerging field of research and practice at the intersection of social and physical sciences.  Ideas from fields like mathematics, complexity sciences, biology, and ecology are used to help us understand how human beings interact and behave as they live out their lives individually and in groups—relationships, families, communities, organizations, and institutions. 

That is just the starting point for us.  The field is new and not well defined beyond that broad boundary.  It can actually include any consideration of the complex and adaptive nature of human beings as they live and grow together and separately.  The founder of the field, Glenda Eoyang, is a curious and avid learner who stands in a place of inquiry to build the field—seeking to include rather than exclude, to question rather than quantify, and to explore and expand rather than categorize and close. 

These are our goals as well, and form the foundations of our work together.  We seek generative relationships – those that hold both promise and possibility in the ways we build meaning in our own lives.  We seek to open a world of questioning and exploration.  If you have questions, if you have observations, if you are exploring new ideas and avenues of the human condition, please join in!

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