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Links to things I am interested in!

The past few months have flown by without regular posting...so to step back in, I'm sharing a few links to  others that have stimulated my thinking recently regarding diversity, management, change, and self-organization:

Theory U and Theory T Building on Douglas McGregor's notion of Theory X and Theory Y, consider what the orthogonal Theories U and T add to the picture:

Theory U assures us that our problems can be solved by changing our view of the world. Theory T says that the solutions may require actually changing the world. U tells us that we can bring everyone together with the right words. T replies that we’ll probably have to make some compromises, too. U rests its case on the fairness of its schemes. T emphasizes the fairness of its processes.

Paradoxical thinking  - Nothing endures but change - Heraclitus & what might trigger cultural change and behavioural change and therefore system change?

Who are we and what might we do together?

Innovation is about solving problems.

Do you hate being stuck in a crowd? Crowds are self-organized systems, so when you don't cooperate, the system breaks and you slow everyone down.

Ok - this last one is just a little bit of writing wrapped around a video. But the writing is from Joe Gerstandt who deserves special mention because he is such a link-meister. Seriously. He finds the best reading for things I am interested in and shares it on twitter everyday. Plus he writes wonderful essays on his blog. Anytime I am away from my computer for an extended period, I go right to Joe's feed and get caught up on great thinking.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe in person in March, and can confirm that he is just as engaging as you might think from reading him. So read him often, and meet him when you can. And now, the link to Joe linking to Tom Peters talking about a book of great importance: Scott Page's The Difference - How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Society - here's the video.


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Reader Comments (1)

Thanks for the love and for sharing more cool stuff....love Theory U, but am new to Theory T.

May 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjoe gerstandt

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