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Seeing patterns form in a community model

Speaking of culture and paradigms, consider the model of engagement shown in the video below. This is a short documentary film about the Community Model in Corrections® at the Southside Regional Jail in Emporia, VA. To learn more, go to www.communitymodel.org. There is a longer version of the video on that site which is well worth visiting.

As you watch the video, consider our definition for generative engagements - relationships that create space for openness, honesty, wholeness, and presence. As the story unfolds, what do you see as shared identities? What are the differences that make a difference? How is voice generated? How is voice granted? What patterns of interactions are formed? What difference does this community make in the greater community?

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Thanks for sharing this, I hadn't heard of this program before. I wish it wasn't such a well-kept secret -- it should be a model for pilot programs in other correctional facilities. "Correctional" -- that rarely happens now, they're merely holding pens and money pits. Hopefully that will change. And you've got me thinking about community and how it develops and sustains itself. Off to learn more about this!

January 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDeirdre Reid

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